A sad farewell to Chic……

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Since going full-time with my photography a number of issues have slapped me in the face, not least that I’m running too many websites to show my work.  I am principally a photographer and I need to spend more time on that aspect and less on all of the support work that it produces.   A […]

It’s been a while…..

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It has been a long time since my last post, far longer than I intended.  The idea behind the blog was to record shoots and some of the behind the scenes stuff that went on.  In short, I wanted this to be a blog purely based on my photography and nothing else.   All was going […]

No pictures…..just words.

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All my life I’ve tried not to grow up, because that’s the first stage of growing old, and that’s dangerous.   I’ve tried to maintain a mental age, sense of humour and general demeanour of my 18 year old self, but every now and then reality kicks in. Over the last month or so I’ve taken […]

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