Fashion at Studland with Angel White

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Angel White Fashion

I recently got the chance to work with Angel White to shoot some fashion at Studland Bay House.  It’s down on the beautiful and affluent Dorset coast.   It’s a four hour drive from home for me, so quite a distance. The shortest route uses a chain ferry to travel to the peninsula that the house sits on, something out of the norm.   The building is Edwardian, faces the sea, is wonderfully restored and has large gardens.   It’s a photographer’s dream location.

I knew exactly where I was going on the day of the shoot because I had been to the same place the weekend before.   Annoyingly I had mixed up the dates.   You can imagine my disappointment in arrival at the house to find the place empty after a four hour drive.   I couldn’t even take advantage of my error to go shooting around Bournemouth.   The weather was horrible giving me virtually no visibility.   To say it was cold and wet that day is an understatement.

The day of the shoot was slightly better in that it was dry and not quite as grey as the weekend before.  The wind was still bitingly cool though.    That meant that we shot inside the house only.   The size of building and the rooms available meant that wasn’t an issue at all.   We had four hours to work together, but we could easily have run to eight and not exhausted the location.

The brief was to shoot some fashion and fashion nude, and leave the final hour for some lingerie and art nude.   I took along my Profoto B2 heads so I had plenty of fill light to use.   With everything ready and Angel made up, we headed for one of the sitting rooms for our first set of the day.

Angel is a great model to work with.   She has a fantastic look and has tons of experience so needs very little direction.   Her wardrobe is extensive, she has loads of outfits to suit all types of shoots and she knows how to get the best from them.   We set about our task with a great deal of enthusiasm.

There are a variety of shots from the day included here, but my favourite is the set using the horizontally striped dress.    The material was black and transparent, and was shot using natural light only through a window.   I love the results that were produced, whether in colour or black and white.

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