Jessica’s Project for Genesis Hair Company

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Genesis Hair Company – Jessica Harvey’s Project

One of the things I love about my job, now that I’ve gone full time, is the freedom to do work that I wouldn’t have been able to do in the past.   After working with the lovely Genesis Hair Company in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, on a charity event earlier in the year, I was contacted by creative stylist Jessica Harvey with a view to photographing a project of hers.

The theme for the shoot was mermaids and woodland, and it was to be shot over two days.   The mermaids session was first and after selecting a suitable location Jessica got to work very early in the salon on the morning of the shoot.   Whilst Jessica was working I made my way to the location to await her arrival.   That gave me plenty of time to assess the weather conditions, although most of the photography was planned to be done in a disused and run down swimming pool.  Thankfully the weather behaved and we were able to work in and around the pool and outside too.

The woodlands themed shoot followed a week later.   The lighting was interesting, most of the shoot was done with natural light in the open areas, but the woods were very sheltered so I had to break out my Profoto B2 location kit to add the punch that was needed.   I was pleased that the winds were light, as keeping hair in place when there is a strong breeze is problematical to say the least.

The hair and make-up work carried out by Jessica for both shoots was very intricate and detailed and I think she did a magnificent job.   The models were her friends and had little experience in their roles, but they did all that we asked of them splendidly.   Photographers can take professional models for granted occasionally, forgetting how hard it is for those not used to having a camera in their face and lights going off all around them to relax and produce the looks that are needed to fulfill the stylist’s brief.

There’s a selection of shots here. but you can see more at Chic Fashion and Boudoir Galleries

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