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Arielle Fox Fashion And Fashion Nude (NSFW)

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I know I’ve mentioned this before somewhere, but I’m becoming increasingly interested in fashion and fashion nude photography.  For the purposes of  my websites I’ve had to split the genre into three types, fashion, fashion nude and runway fashion.   Fashion nude does seem a bit strange strange, as most magazines have for a while shown images where chests are bared, but I don’t want to offend the sensibilities of any of my website viewers.   For me, fashion is fully clothed without the merest hint of any bare flesh.  Fashion nude, covered below, is a bit more daring.  It’s still fashion, but with a bit of extra flesh.

Fashion and Fashion Nude - Arielle Fox5454v2 Fashion and Fashion Nude - Arielle Jammy Fox-5540 Fashion and Fashion Nude - Arielle Jammy Fox-5790I was lucky enough recently to work with a model who had been on my ‘want to work with’ list for a long time.   Arielle Fox is the lady, and I think she is an absolutely fantastic fashion model.   We worked through a number of sets and I’ve included some of my favourites here.

Fashion Nude

So to the possibly contentious issue of fashion nude.   I’ve taken the decision to include images where there is a mild degree of nudity in fashion posts.   I’m sure my readers won’t be upset by what they see here, as I believe they are legitimate images for the style.   These shots are taken from the same sets as those above and Arielle simply flow posed into and out of them.

Fashion asnd fashion nude - Arielle Jammy Fox-5514 Fashion and fashion nude - Arielle Jammy Fox-5770 Fashion and fashion nude - Arielle Jammy Fox-5810

Arielle and I had only two time slots of 40 minutes each together.   A lot was achieved in a such a short period of time and I love the images we got together.   There are more shots to see from both of these sets on my website.   Click on the links below to go to the fashion or fashion nude galleries.   I hope you enjoy viewing the shots as much as the enjoyment I got taking them.

Fashion Galleries

Fashion Nude Galleries

Amber Tutton & The Bluebell Wood

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The bluebell season seems such a long time ago.  I’m sitting at my PC, looking out of the window and it’s raining again, so it’s an update day but no shooting for me.  This is July so the weather should be so much better by now. I am old enough to know that the weather carries no guarantees in England though, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

It was different in May, as we had a burst of lovely warm weather and some sunshine.   That gave me the opportunity to explore one of the reasonably local bluebell woods with Amber Tutton, to get some shots of the magnificent carpet of blue that exists for such a short period of time.  Bluebell woods are magical places to see, but you have to be quick before the flowers fade away and die, to be replaced by a green carpet.

The place we went to was a little off the beaten track, but it was well worth the walk out.   The sun was shining and birds were in full song, but on the downside Bluebell - Amber Tutton-7989midges and bugs were having a party.  I got bitten repeatedly but we found a lovely spot on the edge of the wood with some wonderful light and the nasty creepy crawlies left us alone.

The picture on the left is my favourite from the session as I feel it captures the atmosphere of the day and Amber looks fantastic.

All too soon the light changed and it was time to leave.  It was a bit sad as the chance to shoot bluebells is a once a year opportunity and I knew that was it for this year.

There are more shots to see in this gallery which may better reflect the beautiful blue floor of flowers at their peak, just before they waned and died.   You can see them by clicking on the picture or by using any of the links below.

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Chic Fashion Portfolio
Amber’s Gallery

Two minutes with Carmel Yasmin

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Carmel Yasmin Full Gallery
Carmel Yasmin Video Slideshow

A fashion shoot with Carmel

Just before Christmas I got the opportunity to do a fashion based shoot with Carmel Yasmin, a model I had seen before on a previous group shoot.  I knew then that I would like to do some work with her and finally the chance came around.

Winter in England meant that there was little chance of shooting outside on this occasion.   Unusually it was nothing to do with the cold, we were going through possibly the warmest December on record, but it was down to the rain.  It was far too risky to set something up in the streets and have the shoot disrupted by the weather.

A studio shoot it was then.  Three hours were booked at Studio One in Peterborough for a Sunday afternoon, and after a short trip from the train station to collect Carmel we arrived at the studio, ready to go.

Carmel brought a large selection of clothing with her so we were able to get through a Carmel Ball-4771number of changes in our time together.  I’ve chosen a number of my personal favourites to show here, the shot on the left being one of them.

Carmel is very good at her work, and she hit pose after pose.   Sadly there was no music in the studio so there was nothing to work to for her, but we coped and managed to talk quite a lot throughout the whole shoot, and the short tea-breaks we took along the way.

Changes of wardrobe followed rapidly, and we ended up shooting a total of five different looks.   It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon and it’s something I hope to repeat again soon.  I have a lot of ideas running amok in my head for some outdoor shoots.  Anyway, here’s a few more images from the day.   There’s links at the top and bottom of the page to take you to my site where you can see full size shots and a link to my YouTube channel where you can you the shoot on a video slideshow.


Carmel Ball-4987

Fashion - Carmel Ball-4964Fashion - Carmel Ball-4856

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Angel White – Fashion

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Angel White Fashion Gallery
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Angel White Fashion Nude Gallery

Yesterday I posted a blog about my boudoir shoot with Angel.  After finishing that style we set about shooting fashion and fashion nude in the hour we had left together.

I read a debate recently where the discussion was about art nude as a separate and distinct style.   The majority of those taking part thought that fashion nude is becoming more and more mainstream; I have been to a couple of runway shows where there has been more than a little flesh on show and tended to agree with the  majority opinion.   Take a look at fashion magazines and you can see for yourself.

When planning out this blog that debate presented me with a problem, whether or not I should include some fashion nude images from our shoot.   I thought long and hard about it and on this occasion I decided not to.Fashion - Angel White-4513   You can see a selection of shots from the full set if you wish by clicking on the links at the top and bottom of this page.

There are two shots in this post, the first showing Angel in her denim jacket. Once upon a time I had a jacket like that in my younger biking days.  I wore it constantly throughout the summer and it grew more and more faded until it became threadbare and disintegrated, however, that’s another story.   Even so, whenever I see one of those jackets being worn I’m instantly transported back to the beach at Felixstowe during the hot summer of 1976.  Memories!

The second shot shows Angel wearing a pair of black shorts and some Fashion - Angel White-4561sunglasses.  There are some nice full length shots of Angel in this set, but my ‘no nudity’ decision for this post blog stops me from posting them.

Having broached the subject of nudity on my posts, I would be very interested in your views on whether you would be put off from reading my posts if more nudity were included.  In the past I have tended to mark some posts as NSFW (not safe for work) but I’m not sure whether that is necessary or not.   Why not make a comment on this page and let me know your views?   I would love to hear what you have to say on the matter.

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Angel White -Lingerie

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Boudoir Portfolio
Angel White – Lingerie

After working with Angel White two years ago at the Hotel De Vie, I jumped at the chance of another shoot with her when she toured Cambridgeshire a short while ago.

I didn’t get the opportunity to discuss any specific shoot styles with her for this shoot, but knew that a boudoir or lingerie shoot would definitely be on the cards, with some fashion to follow and that’s exactly how things worked out.

The studio we were shooting at, LovePhoto in Newmarket, Suffolk, has a superb boudoir set.   The furniture is ornate, classically styled and very white, ideal for stylish boudoir Angel White Lingerie - Angel-4389pictures.   I decided to go with black and white for this shoot, just to make things a little more interesting.

I also wanted to utilise the reflection from the mirror on the set.  The ambient lighting was showing a lot of background reflection, but I knew that if I got the lighting just right that would disappear and we would be left with just Angel’s figure looking back.  It seemed to work quite well!



The sofa is lovely piece of furniture and extremely comfortable.  Angel seemed keen to try it out and work around it so a slight change in position for me meant we were able to get all of it in.
Angel White Lingerie - Angel-4427

All too quickly the hour we had allocated to the boudoir part of the shoot passed, so we moved on to a bit of fashion – more of that later!

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The Square Peg Fashion Show

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Fashion Portfolio

I love shooting fashion, but I’ll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about it.  I’m your standard male, I live in black jeans, short sleeve shirts and trainers. For slightly more formal wear I’ve got black trousers, two pairs of black shoes (that’s probably one pair too many) and long sleeve shirts.  On special occasions I’ll break out one of the four suits I own.  That’s it, dead simple and nothing complicated.   The hardest part of dressing for me is matching a tie to a shirt.

All of that probably makes photographing fashion shows much easier, because I don’t stand and stare at all the finery that’s parading in front of me, I’m far too busy concentrating on focusing and shutter speeds to keep it all sharp.   Outfits pass me by one after the other to the extent that I couldn’t tell you what any of the models was wearing five minutes after they’ve left the runway.  I would like to say that it’s all a blur, though I hope it isn’t!

A fortnight ago I got the opportunity to shoot at the Square Peg Fashion Show, organised by Dani Race.   The Square Peg raises funds and awareness for special needs children in the Cambridgeshire area, so it was nice to be involved.  It was a great evening with lots of collections by some fabulous designers.  I’m going to stop with words now and let the pictures do the talking.   There’s one shot from each of the collections in the first half of the show, and all of the pictures are clickable links so you can see more of each set if you wish.

From top left and across then down the collections are by Alexander Huck, Matilda Darling, Bernhard Dyne, Karen Gold, OJT Designs, Shruti Chopra and Karen Faulkner-Dunkley (hand-crafted jewellery).

Chic Fashion & Boudoir Photography

    Square Peg-2588 Square Peg-3473 Square Peg-3357 Square Peg-3157 Square Peg-2967 Square Peg-2872 Square Peg-2748

Latex is addictive – really!

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Ifa Brand Latex

It just is.   This time last year I hadn’t thought about it much, there were too many connotations linked to it and the fetish label kept flashing away in my head.  Then I did my first shoot with Zara Du Rose followed by another with Nicky Phillips, blogged here, and I was stunned.

I shot recently with Ifa Brand at Blackbarn Studio in Duxford.  We did two distinctly different styles, opening with some film noire which was all black and white and very edgy, then to my absolute delight we finished off with some latex and smoke.

Ifa Brand-9569The addition of the smoke made a startling difference.  The dress that Ifa wore was already remarkable, and I loved the colour.   Coupled together with a mock fur coat the dress exuded class and style.

That smoke made a very subtle difference.  Even soft lighting can cause a number of hot spots on the latex because it can be very reflective, but the smoke toned that down even more and made the whole image very soft.   I loved that effect and I’ll be looking to shoot some more in that style very soon.

By the time we shot the picture above the smoke machine had been belching out copious amounts of smoke and there was a thick carpet on the floor.   Ifa’s legs became obscured from the ankles downwards, so we lost her heels, but that was a small price to pay for the overall effect.

Ifa Brand-9582The shot on the left is one of my favourites from the whole shoot.   Ifa has caught the lighting perfectly and there is a nice balance of sharpness in the upper part of the shot with that lovely smoky effect at the bottom.

Will I be shooting more latex?  I think that’s a safe bet.

You can see more shots from this set here.

A day with Canon on a fashion shoot

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Being a member of Canon Professional Services – CPS – has a number of benefits, not least it gives me a chance to do something different and shoot on one of their experience days once a year.   They are all top class professionally organised events, and have Canon ambassadors in attendance to pass on tips and advice when it’s needed.  They are open to photographers of all abilities so there was a mix of people there, and that has the benefit of making the atmosphere relaxed because the level of expectation is not too high.

Last year I went to the Vodafone London Fashion Week catwalk show at Somerset House in London.  That shoot was blogged here and here.  It was a great event, so I was very keen to see what was on offer when the list of events was published for this year.   There were a lot of events to choose from, but my eye was attracted to the fashion shoot, which was being held at the Master Shipwright’s House in London, just down the road from the spot where the Cutty Sark is moored.

The day was much longer than last year’s event.   Two shoots were planned and there was a tutorial before each shoot, where the setup and the technical aspects were mulled over between the Canon expert and all of the attendees.

Grace-9652The morning shoot was fashion based and was set inside the house.   Our expert used flash whilst he constructed the session, but due to limitations with triggers we used a big constant light unit.  The model for the morning shoot was Grace and she performed above the call of duty as she was faced with some photographers who machined gunned their way through the shoot, instead of taking their time to build each shot.  Each to their own, I far prefer to sit back and be selective, but it did mean that I didn’t get very many shots from the morning session.   Nevertheless, I was very pleased with the images I did get.

We changed locations about four times during the shoot, but the beauty of the location we were in was the we didn’t have to move far to get a completely different look, all of the sets were shot within 10 yards of our original spot.   My favourite was that place, I don’t think you can beat window light.

Grace-9682The second shot of Grace was taken in the final location, which was the opposite side of the room.  The bare bulb made things interesting, keeping distance between it and Grace’s face was critical to prevent her features burning out.

The peeling plaster on the wall gave a lovely texture and the colour of it contrasted with orange of the coat.   For me it was all about catching the right moment as Grace moved through her poses.

You can see more from this set here.

The afternoon looked at high fashion and we went outside to use all of the beautiful natural light that was available.   The garden at the rear of the house Petra-9776rested on the banks of the River Thames and Canary Wharf was clearly visible in the background.   We used that as a setting and also some spots around the side of the house.   Not being constrained by the use of flash the whole shoot was much more fluid and allowed for a greater number of considered shots, so the number of images I got from the afternoon session was much more plentiful than that from the morning set.

The outside of the building provided a huge number of places in which to shoot, but the choice was crucial as the light was very harsh when the sun peeped through the clouds.  My favourite places were looking out over the River Thames, where this shot of Petra was taken.   Although the light was directly in Petra’s face she coped with it very well, as evidenced by the very small number of images I have of her squinting.

The final shot, taken in much the same place as the previous one, gave me the chance to add a bit of contrast so as to bring out the detail of the clouds against Petra-9932the background and the bright green of Petra’s dress.

You can see more of my shoot with Petra here if you wish.

It was a fabulous day, and it was an experience I hope to repeat soon.

Latex…..What Do You Think?

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Is it a fashion material or does it have too many other connotations?  I did my first latex shoot only a couple of months go, and was a bit hesitant about it.   My level of fear Zara Du Rose-2697 Zara Du Rose-2608was increased because there was a lot of knowing winks and nudges when I mentioned that material, in fact, I’ve never seen one word get such a reaction.   I guess it’s not mainstream, in the minds of most people it’s the sort of thing that you wear to one of ‘those’ clubs, but after two shoots now I can’t see that at all.

Zara Du Rose-2796I found both experiences fascinating.  The range of styles that I saw was immense, the designs intriguing and the complexity of some dresses was mind-blowing.  Some items looked staid and quite plain, other garments were eyes on stalks sexy, but everything I saw was attractively different.

If there is one downside or limitation to latex it is all to do with the shape of the wearer.   Without doubt, there is nowhere to hide those little bumps and bulges, the material is completely unforgiving in that respect.  If I was going to be extremely picky,  would also say that it’s  fabric almost exclusively for women.  I can’t see it being worn, other in ‘those’ clubs by men.   Perhaps that’s just me.

What I do know is that I’ll be looking to shoot more of it.  Whether it’s fashion or not, I’ve found another type of shoot that I enjoy and I intend to pursue it further.  I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the results of my first two shoots.

Nicky Phillips-6076 Nicky Phillips-6220

Some fashion with Dani Race!

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I’m getting the bug for shooting fashion, of that there is no doubt.   Ever since my first shoot at the Vodafone London Fashion Trend Show and shooting Amanda Wakeley’s collection at the same venue, I’ve wanted to do more and more.   This little video might help explain why.

Dani Race-4598I’m happy to say that I finally got the chance to do a shoot with Dani Race at LovePhoto Studio in Newmarket.  I’ve seen a lot of Dani’s work on various sites so I know how good she is, meaning a great shoot was on the cards.  I wasn’t disappointed at all, the two hours we had booked together flew by, and it was all over before I knew it.

The plan was to do a lot of quick wardrobe changes, leaving the selection of clothing to Dani.   I thought a high turnover of wardrobe changes together with frequent different background lighting settings would give the maximum amount of impact from the shoot.   We whizzed through the first three changes, though we were never in any danger of exhausting Dani’s wardrobe, there plenty of things to choose from!

Dani Race-4404We got through seven or eight different combinations in the two hours we had together.  Two of my favourites are shown here, though I could have posted just about any of the pictures from the shoot.

If you want to take a look at the full set of images you can find them here.   I’ve also done a little video of the shoot which is just over three minutes long.  If you want to have a look (and listen), click here.




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